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Clayhill Arts provides residential courses for artists and creative professionals from their converted farm in Somerset.

Offering unique working spaces and accommodation in a retreat like setting, they provide you with the time and space needed to develop your creative career.

From refining specific skills, to focusing ambitions; learning from industry leaders or working alongside inspiring peers, Clayhill Arts provides quality training across a variety of studio spaces, structured residential art courses and programme of events.

Meet the Team

Paper Samplers and Experimental Bookbinding

Feb 14 2022

A practical two day course showing you a range of experimental techniques using found and recycled materials with Jennifer Collier. The skills learnt over…

Smoke-fired Ceramics

Feb 18 2022

If you would like to experiment with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use ceramics firing technique, then join Ranjit Dahliwal in this three-day course where he will…

The Art of Letterpress

Mar 9 2022

Grab your apron and get messy by immersing yourself into the art of Letterpress! Over this two and half day course, The Letterpress Collective…


A thoughtfully-restored venue in a beautiful, calm, inspiring setting. I received a warm welcome in a wonderfully warm building! Lovely home-made food, immaculate facilities. With its cosy nooks with sofas and books, a well-lit workshop area (large panes of glass letting in the natural light), spacious dining room, pleasant atmosphere and the joy of meeting other artists - I didn't want to leave! 


Clayhill Arts is an exceptional learning environment that has been cultivated with such care, diligence and attention to the needs of artists. Superb accommodation, brilliant food and outstanding communal, workshop and studio spaces allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in their learning. Wide-ranging course are run with generosity as Clayhill seems to magically combine business with a philanthropic spirit that respects the diverse backgrounds of participants and the many challenges that being an artists brings.


The weekend I spent at Clayhill Arts was a very welcome change of scenery to my otherwise urban setting. I felt calmed yet invigorated by the surroundings, and the accommodation was beautifully tasteful and very homely. The main space is wonderfully considered and very versatile - an ideal space for creativity and dynamic discussion. I left on the Sunday feeling energised and inspired by the experience of staying at Clayhill.


As a singer it has been one of the best spaces to sing in with generous reverberation and acoustics.  It is a space which complemented the type of instruments I was working with and the songs.


Clayhill Arts is a unique location that completely understands what is needed in order to allow a learning environment to operate and flourish. Set within beautiful landscape, every detail has been considered and finished to an extremely high standard. A perfect mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing residents and visitors to have the space and time that is so often craved. 


As an artist retreat, the venue at Clayhill Arts provided a warm and welcoming environment, allowing a safe and constructive space where individuals creative needs can be met. 


We were lucky enough to be able to take over the whole venue for a weekend, using the Granary as our base for experimentation, discussion and shared learning. The informality of the accommodation, and the relaxed surroundings, put everyone at ease and offered a space where cooperation and encouragement evolved naturally.


Clayhill feels remote which is great but it also is close to Cannington which has everything, so supplies can be bought without travelling a great distance...I also really enjoyed that it is still a working farm, because it feels productive and there is such a lot of life around us which is very inspiring


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being at your venue. It is a lovely and inspiring artistic space. The food was fantastic, homely yet unusual. I really enjoyed the day.


Clayhill is a truly inspirational place. The facilities and accommodation are absolutely fantastic, everything an artist/creative could wish for. I was lucky enough to be part of a Creative Pathways Bursary which meant I had studio space and mentoring. It has made a huge difference to my confidence as an artist and I cant recommend their courses highly enough. Thank you Clayhill, for making me feel, supported, appreciated and at home.


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