Making Paper Garments

Jul 4 2022

A practical three day course showing a range of experimental techniques using found and recycled materials with Jennifer Collier. The skills learnt over each…

Out of This Earth: working with earth pigments, soya milk and textiles

Jul 9 2022

This practical three day course with textile artist Claire Benn is designed to introduce you to an ecological method of binding earth (or mineral)…

Weaving with Colour

Jul 15 2022

Explore how to weave confidently with colour in this three day practical and flexible course with award winning weaver Angie Parker. During this three day course you will…


Jul 24 2022

Award-winning textile artist Gladys Paulus will be leading this four-day intensive inquiry into the creative potential of felt. Perfect for those who wish to push their…

Crafting Curious Automata

Jul 29 2022

This practical three day course with Stephen Guy of Fire the Inventor explores the creative possibilities of automata using key mechanisms, such as cams,…

Pixels for Pencils: An introduction to creative coding for artists

Aug 5 2022

Writing code for a computer, can feel a long way from other artistic traditions, yet there is huge scope for artists of all disciplines…

Introduction to Bronze Casting

Aug 10 2022

A 3 day introduction into bronze casting. Using the lost wax process. You will learn how to smelt down metal so that you can cast your own bronze sculpture.

Alternative Photography: Solargraphy and Lumen printing

Aug 26 2022

This practical 2 day and night course with artist Pauline Woolley will explore alternative photography techniques including how to make your own pinhole cameras…

Destructive Distillation: exploratory charcoal making and drawing

Sep 24 2022

Led by artist Lotte Scott, this practical two day workshop will explore material, place and process through experimental charcoal making. Over the course of…