Better late than never!

I didn’t post a blog in March so this month I’m going to cover a couple of jobs that I have done since my last post. 

Nearby the pond in the Studio Garden I have prepared a space for the firepit. During the winter I planted this area (we’ll call it the wildlife garden) with a few shrubs and trees which has broken up the large space and will provide blossom and berries for the wildlife.

For the firepit area I started off by marking out a large circle and then dug out the top 5-6 inches of grass and soil.

This was a very good workout that’s for sure! The soil is heavy clay so it was tough to dig it up. Luckily I had the trailer attached to the mower so I didn’t have to move all the soil by wheelbarrow. 

Once this was done I could lay the weed membrane over it to keep the weeds at bay.

The final task was to refill with gravel. I was very fortunate that Phil the digger driver was on site working on the walled garden, so he was able to fill the area with gravel without me breaking into a sweat, or breaking my back! 

All I had to do was spread it around with the rake. Now it’s ready for some visitors to enjoy.

One of the jobs I have completed that was long overdue is cleaning the pond by the Studio and dividing and repotting the pond plants. We added the plants to the pond about three years ago and they were at the stage where the roots were breaking through the pots! Dividing the plants is a simple but quite dramatic looking task. Take a knife, a bread knife is good, ideally not the one from the kitchen, and cut the plant through the root ball into smaller pieces. Most of the plants I cut in half but a couple were quite big so I managed to get four out of one plant. When replanting you can either use aquatic compost topped with small stones or just small stones. I used both methods as I want to see if there would be a difference in plant health. If there is no difference I will use just stones in the future as this is easier and cheaper.

The pond is looking a bit bare at the moment but I’m hoping it will be full of life by the end of spring.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is the progress being made in the walled garden. It has been a major job so far which has required the services of Phil the digger driver to level the ground, dig out paths, foundations for the greenhouse and general tidying on a large scale.   Much quicker and easier than using hand tools!


By the end of March the paths have been dug out and lined with chipping ready for paving, the foundations laid for the greenhouse and the concrete base has been laid for the shed and garden kitchen. Mike has made good progress on building these and the raised beds have also been built. There are still a few jobs left to do but we hope to plant a few vegetables in the raised beds by the end of spring. 



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