Creative Pathways Bursary

We are delighted to be working with Somerset Art Works and their Creative Pathways programme.

Creative Pathways is a professional development programme that aims to provide tailor-made support for Somerset Art Works artist members to develop their practice and to deliver high-quality work. The programme offers different levels of support throughout the year.  Since 2011, more than 30 artists have participated in the programme. From 2017, the programme was specifically for Emerging Artist Members and tailored for those in their early career stage, showcasing their work during Art Weeks Festival and Somerset Open Studios event. It is now also part of our extensive Artist Development Programme since we became an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation in 2018.

Artist Development support for early career artists

Application Deadline: 1 April 2019.
Number of places:
4 each year.
This year, Somerset Art Works is offering 4 bursaries to early career artists in Somerset to explore their artistic practices and widening their audiences. The bursary includes mentoring and training support, and the opportunity to create new work in Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2019 (21 September – 6 October) in any medium and in one of the following:
1. Clayhill Arts (Bridgwater)
Opportunity to develop and present your work at Clayhill Arts, a dedicated arts complex built for the purpose of supporting creative professionals, alongside artist Pennie Elfick. Pennie is based in Somerset and currently developing large scale sculptural work which responds to the landscape around Clayhill Arts.
Clayhill Arts
Pennie Elfick

2. Close Ltd (Taunton)
Opportunity to develop and present your work at a stunning and spacious venue within an exhibition featuring UK artists with an international profile, curated by Freeny Yianni, curator/art consultant and artist mentor of Close Ltd. You will also take part in a specially-invited event during Art Weeks Festival. This opportunity is specifically for those whose practice focuses on contemporary/conceptual, fine art, print, craft or sculpture.
Close Ltd

3. Dove Studios (Butleigh, Glastonbury)
You will be offered a week-long residency opportunity at Dove Studios to research and develop your work responding to the materials, environment and context that Dove Studios has offered, and presenting your work as part of Amazing Space III; with mentoring support from artist Bronwen Bradshaw. This is suitable for artist works in cross-disciplinary, site-specific, performance, outdoor, collaboration and found materials.
Dove Studios
Bronwen Bradshaw

4. Others, identified by the applicant

i.e. multi-site, venue of your own choice, non-venue based project, online or public spaces

Download the brief (in pdf) for more information and application details.


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