Flight Path Community Project – Get Involved!

Artist Louisa Crispin has developed the Flight Path Community Project and is asking for participants to get involved!

The FlightPath series explores the materiality of graphite media whilst considering the plight of our less popular insects. Focusing on wildlife corridors and the importance of a network of routes between habitats to ensure diversity, the work aims to resolve the tension between abstraction and figuration while encouraging open discussion.

During the last year, Louisa has been developing concertina sculptures, which have evolved from the work she made for Restriction

The concertina sculptures have focused my attention on the barriers to nature as I catch glimpses of insects between the folds and struggle to find empty space to draw a wasp within the marks. 

Get Involved!

The Flight Path Community Project is intended to get you thinking about insects and their habitats.

All you need to do is express your interest by emailing Louisa louisacrispin@gmail.com or getting in touch via instagram @louisacrispin

After that you will receive:

  • A supply of graphite marked paper cut into 60cm strips folded every 2.5cm (similar to the piece in the image above)
  • The graphite marks are reminiscent of concrete, roads and buildings, barren ground and other barriers to insect migration
  • Please then draw or paint wildlife onto these pieces and then return them to: Oak Cottage, Talbot Road, Hawkhurst, Kent TN18 4LU by 28 August 2021*
  • The small size of the work is intended to focus you to look closer at the small creatures as you draw, paint, print etc – insects, flowers, trees, meadows etc or maybe just the colours of nature – anything to represent a network of pollination pathways throughout the UK
  • While working, consider your own environment – is your garden wildlife friendly? How many insects have you seen today? Are there areas in your local park where the grass is left to grow longer and wildflowers bloom? What are your favourite insects? Are you scared of wasps or spiders?
  • The returned pieces will be glued together with some of Louisa’s own pieces, to create a community wildlife corridor. This final work is intended to be displayed at Kaleidoscope Gallery later in 2021 (to be confirmed)
* the deadline is fairly flexible – it’s there to help you focus and encourage you to get the work back to me!


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