National Creativity Day

Celebrated on May 30th, National Creativity Day was founded to honour and celebrate everyone who creates new things each day. From Artists to writers, sculptors to filmmakers, chefs to architects and the many more that make up the Creative Industries, having time and an outlet to be expressive and innovative is good for the mind and soul.

Creativity can inspire us to see the world through new eyes; introducing people to new cultures or heritage through craft and residential art courses, meeting like-mind people or even trying recipes from around the world.

The more you indulge yourselves in creative practices and surround yourself with support and others who just “get you”, you will really start to see not only yourself but your practice flourish.

As we’re approaching June, we thought this blog post and the fact that it’s National Creativity Day, would be the perfect time to reflect on the past month and all of the creativity that took place at Clayhill Arts!

Residential Courses Throughout May


Exploring the Art of Japanese Embroidery

At the beginning of May, textile artist Rob Jones of Romor Designs hosted an insightful three-day course exploring Japanese embroidery techniques

The meditative nature of embroidery went hand in hand with the retreat-like setting of Clayhill Arts. It truly was an immersive course, not only for the participants but also for the tutor. 

At Clayhill, we highlight international arts and culture; embracing different cultures through craft and learning allows you to experience what it’s like to be a part of a community other than your own. Focusing on the Japanese history of craftsmanship, as well as the country’s continuing influence on global arts and culture (whilst indulging in delicious homemade Japanese inspired cuisine!), we truly aim to give our guests an unforgettable and riveting experience.

It was so great to finally be able to come and teach with you. The students were lovely and the food and rooms were just perfect. Thank you for your warm and wonderful hospitality.
Rob Jones

Inspired By Nature: Drawing for Pattern Design

From the 27th – 29th of May, we hosted a three-day practical course with Rachael Taylor, which taught the students essential techniques in illustration and pattern design that were Inspired By Nature and the surroundings of Clayhill Arts.

Lucky to have such a fabulous group, amazing food, fab views & stunning weather! Such a beautiful venue & such a beautiful group of creatives. Will always treasure the memories of this trip.
Rachael Taylor, Renowned designer, entrepreneur and tutor.

We had Annabel Tempest stay with us during this course and she has written a guest blog post for our Course Diaries! You can also follow Annabel on Instagram for behind-the-scenes from this course!

I had the loveliest 3 days and left feeling refreshed and creatively inspired and looking forward to returning again soon for more creative nourishment.
Annabel Tempest

rachael taylor

Becoming a Tutor

Expanding your creative knowledge doesn’t have to be restricted to solely learning. At Clayhill we encourage artists and creative professionals who wish to teach and provide guidance, advice and skills to others.

Find out more about Becoming a Tutor at Clayhill Arts.

The course exceeded my expectations regarding the breadth of knowledge of the tutor. Rob shared his journey to becoming a tutor and setting up his business.
Lesley Houghton

Filmmaking Residency

At Clayhill Arts, we support and encourage residencies for artists and fellow creatives. Artist-in-residence programmes give artists the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments; providing them with time to reflect, research and produce new work. Residencies allow creatives to explore new locations and different cultures, meet new people or to even experiment.

Looking into how we could capture the scale and special moments of Clayhill and its surrounding landscape, our Marketing Coordinator Jayde knew just the person to contact!

Having met online 4 years ago via YouTube and having similar passions in common, such as videography, photography and vlogging, Jayde introduced Clayhill to Chris Jones aka Sparky, a Birmingham-based documentary and filmmaker and photographer.

Sparky took part in a 2-day residency at Clayhill, which allowed Sparky to not only escape the hustle and bustle of the city but to help us tell the story of Clayhill Arts whilst supporting him with his creative career. Make sure to keep an eye out on our socials and website for our upcoming short film, in collaboration with Sparky and Jayde! As well as an interview with Sparky, which will be featured on our Creative Careers segment very soon!

Interested in a Clayhill residency? 

Find out more here!

Sparky Jones

Unseen Heritage: An Act of Making

Unseen Heritage: An Act of Making was the first performance in our Cinebarn – a new space that we are launching this year to host film and digital media events.

Unseen Heritage was a special evening of archive films and traditional West Country songs performed by folk and heritage artist Amanda Boyd. Themed around An Act of Making, we explored the traditional and endangered craft’s practices. Clayhill Arts commissioned printmaker Gemma Trickey to respond to the films and incorporate her learnings of the Letterpress process, which is itself an endangered heritage craft. Taking part in a course we held here with The Letterpress Collective earlier this year, we showcased her new print range during the event.

We’re excited to host more events very soon! Make sure to sign up for our updates, to be kept in the loop about upcoming events.

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Lovely evening. Fantastic venue you have created. Great to meet you and others. Amanda’s singing out of this world! Thank you for your generous welcome.
Kate Lynch, Documentary Artist

gemma and debs unseen heritage

From learning to eating to networking, creativity is empowering and we value what it contributes to our lives, mental health and economy. A huge part of Clayhill’s aims and values is to promote and support creativity in every shape, form and practice.


I spent 5 days at Clayhill as an artist in residence, and what an incredible stay it was. Despite being only a few minutes outside Bridgwater, Clayhill feels wonderfully secluded and self-contained. With wonderful views of the enveloping fields, it feels like the perfect place to retreat, focus and rest. The accommodation is stylish and comfortable, with colourful, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. The communal kitchen is very high spec, with every type of appliance and cooking equipment you could need. Deborah and Michael are warm, relaxed and incredibly hospitable hosts. With a diverse and ever-evolving creative/educational program, Clayhill is an exciting hub for the arts and a truly beautiful place to stay.
Lotte Scott

work with your hands gemma trickey letterpress art work

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