New beginnings: A year at Clayhill Arts

So, a new beginning, a new career and even a new blog! When I decided on pursuing a career in horticulture, I didn’t expect to work out so well. With 8 acres of land to manage; a very large pond, some woodland and lots of areas to landscape. As the first few years of Debbie and Mikes ownership of Clayhill Farm has been spent building and renovating the business premises, the grounds have been a lower priority. And in a place like this, that means lots of clearing work to do. I think it’s fair to say my least favourite plant/weed/fruit whatever you want to call it is brambles. I’m certain I have cleared at least a ton of the stuff from various areas of the property. The first year was always going to be spent preparing for the big plans that Debbie and Mike have for the site. Even though it has been a very tough year, it has also been extremely satisfying. Creating more space so that we can create a fantastic space for guests to make use of.

As this year has mostly been spent clearing overgrown areas, I will just add some pictures that will hopefully show the extent of the clearing that has taken place. Going forward I will be talking in more detail about the jobs I have been doing, how it went and what I learned on the way. I am the sort of person who learns better by doing. With the exception of a couple of chainsaw courses I will be learning along the way, trial and error.

So, feel free to leave some comments about things that might help me along the way…


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