Crafting a Sustainable Creative Practice: Workshop with Melody Vaughan

Tuesday , February 18th , 2020

In this practical workshop Melody will lead you through the process of auditing your creative practice – looking at how sustainable your work is (for you) and the impact it has on other people and the planet. This will help you work out what a sustainable practice means to you, to identify the areas you’d like to work on, and the steps you can take now to develop a responsible making practice.

Suitable for all contemporary craft makers, or those with a keen interest in a sustainable arts practice, the workshop includes refreshments and a sit down lunch.

“I really appreciated the space to be with my peers and colleagues in a supportive way. I took away a sense that we are all just trying our best in a slightly out-dated and imperfect system, which I believe is where your strength is Melody; you are pioneering and leading the discourse in openness and sharing the reality of making, not the fantasy, and I really see that from this space you are enabling us all to redefine the craft space on our terms, by just being really honest about needs and a good dose of reality checking. ” Imogen DiSapia, weaver

Lunch and refreshments are served in our communal dining room, offering you the opportunity to share in extended discussions around the topics brought up during the session.

After lunch, Melody will be available for hour long 1:1 planning and goal setting sessions. Book yours here