Providing A Safe Space

At Clayhill Arts, we want you to be seen and heard - we cherish your journeys and are thankful that you can come to us for support and guidance. We create safe spaces for all types of discussion, whether it's about your work or your personal stories that shaped your practice.

Clayhill Arts is a no judgement zone!


From our course participants to our tutors, artists in residence to our Clayhill staff - we are all on our very own creative journeys and Clayhill Arts is the place where all of this comes together.

Having a place to share about your work and life can help to prevent the feeling of isolation that comes with being an artist; networking with others that truly speak your language and inspire each other.

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Clayhill Arts is an inclusive and influential place, where the people and surrounding countryside will nurture you.

It's always such a pleasure watching connections being made, collaborations being formed and seeing our course participants have lightbulb moments.

Being able to watch our wonderful community and their creativity grow is exhilarating.

Our Clayhill group guidelines

1. Be kind - Art can be extremely personal for people, and we ask that you are mindful with your words in your group sessions, and take care not to offend or belittle other participants.
2. Be open-minded -  Challenging boundaries are part of art practices, we expect all our course participants to join a course to understand this, so please bear this in mind during your course. Expect to be challenged. Interpretations and reactions to work can be unpredictable, but that is what makes group work interesting.
3. Be respectful - Anyone is welcome on a Clayhill Arts course, and there is a wide variety of students from all walks of life in attendance. We ask that you are respectful and courteous of other people and be aware discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated here.
4. Be professional - The courses at Clayhill are geared toward creative professionals, and we ask that our participants understand that this goes beyond just a hobby for many and that the topics at hand constitute people's livelihoods. Our tutors and participants deserve to be treated as such.

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I absolutely loved being part of the group.
It was brilliant to be immersed in learning with a really friendly group of people.

Emma Housley

I enjoyed the social aspect of being able to compare and ask for opinions and help from tutors and peers.

Jessica Collins

Interesting and informative whilst still being fun and sociable.

Rebecca Mitchell

It was so great to finally be able to come and teach with you.
The students were lovely and the food and rooms were just perfect.
Thank you for your warm and wonderful hospitality 

Rob Jones, tutor

I’ve met alot of new and interesting people.
The people, the location -
it was not intimidating.

Christi Doucet

The course was hands-on and allowed for creative development.
I have gained new skills such as collaboration, new friends, loads of techniques
and new ways of working.

Sue Green

Amazing stay, incredible workshop, wonderful group of people,
beautiful setting and architecture and the most fresh, seasonal delicious food!
Thankyou!! All really fantastic.

Joanna Bailey

Very welcoming and homely.

Tanisha Veale

It’s been a brilliant course, made better by an equally brilliant,
comfortable and calming venue;
its ambience and friendliness.

Karen Howell

The course was fab. Really inspirational.
Great to see other people’s work and learn from the whole group.
Really came away with a good foundation to continue at home.

Vivien Makovik

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