Renovating Clayhill Farm

We found Clayhill Farm after spending a month long journey searching the county of Somerset in September 2014.


The buildings had been neglected for many years and were being used as storage barns by the local farmer


We moved into the farm in January 2015 and with plans in place, applied for planning permisson and were approved in February 2016

We began work in March 2016 by stripping the roofs and found resident wildlife that needed a new home

We gutted out the insides

Saving as much of the old building as we could to reuse at a later date


Then made way for the services by taking down some invasive and overgrown lellandi

Michael took on the project management of the build, which was a heavy balance of four interlinking buildings; two local building contractors, plumbers, electricians water engineers, joiners, renewable heat specialists, civil engineers, structural engineers and A LOT of waste management and recycling to consider!

Plans inevitably developed as we started opening up the spaces

But we were as hands on as we could be, without getting in the way!


Fuelled by lots and lots of cups of tea…

We kept a happy team who were proud of a job well done in the end!