The Clayhill Creative Forum

The Clayhill Creative Forum marks the first of our online events for 2021.

As a result the Coronavirus crisis, and the general acceleration of the digital world, we are looking to examine the effects this is having across the creative industries whilst exploring our overarching theme for 2021: ‘Physical/Digital’.

Originally billed as our Programme Launch for this year, but due to the current situation and postponing our Spring programme, we have been looking at alternative ways to bring our audience and network of practitioners together.

The Clayhill Creative Forum will offer an online space to come together and discuss the things that matter to us. A space to connect with one another and share thoughts and advice on what’s been working during this time in Lockdown. We’ll be looking at what’s not been working so well too and what we might be needing in order make things work better in our digital, physical and otherwise hybrid futures.

Using the platform Hopin to deliver this event, we have the capability to offer a variety of rooms or ‘stages’ and we will be using these to showcase our facilities, share resources, as well as host virtual discussions with our chosen panelists. Throughout the day you will also be able to access pre-recorded training sessions, contribute to discussions and learn more about the artists we have been working with here over the past few years.

There is a networking component integrated into the platform, which allows attendees to connect randomly with one another, a bit like creative speed dating or networking roulette! This is something we’ve all missed over the past year – those spontaneous and unplanned meetings at events, openings and shows, where you might end up talking to someone you’ve not met before. This is a digital version of that, so we hope by attending that you will have fun connecting and meeting someone new.



In the week leading up to the forum, we will be joined by Somerset based artist Lotte Scott who will be spending a week at Clayhill Arts in residence. Using the site and its materials as inspiration, Lotte will be exploring alternative ways of working and how best to share her material based practice digitally.


Throughout the day you will have access to pre-recorded training sessions and explore our facilities. We will be hosting Live Talks and Panel Discussions, including:


The future of craft – exploring the benefits and flaws of selling online

Featuring: R&A Collaborations, Madebyhandonline, Jennifer Collier

During this session we will be discussing the impact of digital on contemporary craft, how this has impacted on shows and the selling events that are a vital part of a maker’s calendar and whether objects and the handmade even work online at all?


Artist as entrepreneur – how to create your own opportunities and apply Creative Strategies to a rapidly changing environment

Featuring: Rosalind Davis, Justin Hibbs

After delivering a successful Online Summer School with Clayhill last year, Rosalind Davis and Justin Hibbs will join us for a reflection on the Creative Strategies needed by artists and creatives to make your own opportunities and adapt to the rapidly changing environment.


Building your own online gallery – how taking the plunge pays off

Featuring: Lisa Cole

Artist and Designer Lisa Cole was a participant of the Online Summer School, who actively took on board the creative strategies and set up her own online gallery. During this talk she will be sharing what she has learnt about herself and about her own practice along the way and the opportunities this has opened up for her during the pandemic.


Embracing the Digital – Making Art with a digital focus

Featuring: Dave Webb

Creative Technologist and digital artist Dave Webb will join us for a discussion about his work, detailing how the complete immersion into digital this past year has affected his practice and explore the Creative Coding Course he will be delivering with us (hopefully) later on this year.


Translating the Land – how a Material based practice works in a Digital Environment

Featuring: Lotte Scott 

During this talk Lotte will discuss her time on residency and how the past year has affected her own arts practice, as well as examining what digital can do in terms of translating her land and material based practice.



Clayhill Arts. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2018

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