Turning a passion into an Internship

Jayde Elliott

I have always had a passion for being creative and a love for the arts. My love grew even more when I studied theatre and performing arts at college. During my studies, I began to love being present on social media in regards to marketing, connecting with people to promote the projects we worked so hard for and finding my new passion for film and photography.

After college, I turned these passions into hobbies. I started a YouTube channel, to have an outlet for my creativity. I started a jewellery business on Facebook and had so much fun networking with other crafters. I also started an online blog, as I really enjoyed writing; I wanted to find a way to keep an online diary about mental and physical health, as well as every day sort of lifestyle blog posts. My love for writing has also expanded into working on publishing my first poetry book and starting a new Facebook group along side my best friend, called “Somerset Writers”. We wanted to build a community for local writers, to meet new people, to share their work and to also stay connected during the difficult times of lockdown!

When I came across Clayhill Arts’ job posting, I knew I had to apply straight away. It was a combination of everything I enjoy and to have the opportunity to turn your hobbies into what you do for a living; I had to pursue it! When I came for the interview, I immediately fell in love with Clayhill Arts – everything about it just screamed creativity and it was such a warm welcome.

From the location, to the beautifully renovated building, to the wonderful staff – Clayhill just blew me away.

I was unsuccessful after the initial interview stage, but I was then approached a few months later and was asked if I’d be interested in starting an internship; Michael and Deborah were impressed with how all of my marketing and social media knowledge was pretty much self taught and because of my love for the arts and marketing/social media are a hobbies of mine, they thought it was be the perfect opportunity to expand my skills in a professional way. Clayhill Arts focuses on education and learning, so to offer an internship (which are also essential for gaining newfound knowledge and to test the skills you learn from an internship in the real world) was beyond exciting and I knew this would be the start of a very eye opening and educational journey for me.

It’s now 2 months into my internship and I have loved every second. I have learnt so much, which has also enabled me to enhance and define my current knowledge. I’ve have had so much fun being able to work with the amazing, established team here and being able to see behind the scenes of a new arts organisation and how Clayhill Arts operates is fascinating and very inspiring!

My favourite part is seeing how the team works together to generate ideas and brainstorm; how everyone is on the same page and how they connect with each other. I love seeing how the ideas develop and how excited and passionate the team are as well as seeing how accepting everyone is to each and every idea – everyone always has something interesting to say and those ideas are welcomed with open arms and the creativity expands from there! The team are also very encouraging and supportive of my ideas and with the work that I have produced so far; with feedback from each internship day as well as things to add and tweak here and there, to make sure I am understanding what will be needed for when I can implement the criteria into a future job role and when creating a marketing portfolio for a new CV – which Clayhill Arts are very kindly helping me with; representing how supportive they are and how eager they are to teach and help the people they work with, to go on and do amazing things.


Due to the UK being is in its second lockdown and we are all working remotely, Michael has been emailing me weekly tasks in order to keep the ball rolling for the Cinebarn project! Cinebarn you ask? Well, make sure to keep up to date with Clayhill Arts’ socials for future updates – exciting things are happening folks!

Working from home has been a great way to stay involved with the team and to continue my marketing research for the Cinebarn; as well as getting something productive and positive done whilst cooped up in doors. Being able to continue connecting with the team has been much needed, for work of course, but also as a form of social interaction and checking up on everyone’s well being; which is definitely crucial during a pandemic! Remote working has also been an interesting way to see how an arts organisation can stay functioning throughout these difficult times and overcoming challenging obstacles – and still being able to thrive!

Overall, I just love being able to learn and Clayhill has definitely enabled me to do so; not only learning from a business point of view but how I can also implement my learning into my every day and hobbies and to hopefully go on to do this as a career. It’s all very exciting and I am so grateful, not only to Clayhill Arts but to Michael and Deborah for giving me this opportunity and for believing in me.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!


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