Why We are Using the Hopin platform to deliver The Clayhill Creative Forum

We chose the Hopin platform to deliver The Clayhill Creative Forum because of its flexibility and connecting abilities. Inside the platform we have designed it so that you will be able to access the series of live talks we have scheduled, as well as some pre-corded interviews, short films and other highlights that have been happening over the past year here at Clayhill.

How the Day will work

We open the day at 10:00am with an introduction to Clayhill and the Hopin platform. The rest of the day has been set up for you to jump in and out of the live talks as you wish, along with a series of ‘Booths’ in our ‘Expo’ area. These are a selection of short films by the speakers attending, as well as additional Artist Talks and highlight conversations that have been happening here over the past year.

We have also set up a virtual ‘Coffee Lounge’ for open conversations which you can drop into at any time throughout the day and there is a Q&A Sessions room open after every talk too.

There are options with both of these rooms to turn your screen on or off so you can participate as you please, either in the chat box or with a video screen on. We all know about Zoom fatigue after this past year and we’re hoping this can offer a way to combat that, whilst still being engaged and connected with one another.

We’d love to know what you think though, so if you sign up for the day, do keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on with it all.

The platform also has a ‘Networking’ room, which you can join and be randomly connected to another attendees for a short 3 minute window. It only works if others are in the networking space too, so we’ll be encouraging a bit of that throughout the day!

You can also set up 1:1 messages as well as video calls with anyone else in attendance at the event. You do this by clicking on their profile and hitting the video chat button. This sets up a unique URL which then activates its own private video chat – a bit like bumping into someone at the coffee counter and saying Hi!

If video chats are not your thing you can contact each person in attendance by instant message too. So it’s a really flexible platform and allows you to connect in number of different ways, replicating (in some way) what would be happening here in person at a real life event.

We will be encouraging everyone to share their social media and websites with the rest of the attendees throughout the day. Along with posing polls and questions throughout the event as it all helps staying connected and sharing what everyone is up to.

Making the most of your profile

We would encourage you to add a photograph to the profile either of your face/your logo/your work.

In your profile you can detail all of your digital/social links. The things it will ask you for are:

Name – First and Surname

Headline – i.e. artist/maker/your business name

Bio – you don’t have to add anything here, but it can help. A simple copy/paste of your social media bio would be sufficient

Email – to connect with the other attendees and allow Hopin to remind you of all of the details for logging in on the day

Twitter – if you haven’t got a Twitter profile don’t worry, add your other social media handles to the bio details instead. If you are on Twitter and we’re not connected with you yet then come and say @ClayhillArts

Linkedin – if you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile don’t worry – but come and say hi over here if you do.

Website – if you haven’t got a website don’t worry, this is all part of the process of making your practice more professional, a blog or other social media profile will work just as well.

* A Note on LinkedIn *

LinkedIn is changing as a platform for creatives so if you haven’t considered a profile on here before, it could be a time to start. We do know about the pressure that can create when you have all of those different platforms to update, but there is a brilliant episode on Creative Boom podcast that talks about this, so perhaps have a listen there first and see what you think!

Keeping in touch

We’ll be using the hashtag #CCF1 throughout the day, so if you do share anything on social media about the event, make sure you use that so we can all keep up with the conversation. We’ll be posting follow ups on conversations under this too.

Once you are signed into the platform you can see the schedule and the format for the day. All of the talks on the stage are being recorded, so if you miss anything you will have a copy of this sent over to you the following week.



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